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Alo Consultation envisions a community of radical, compassionate and brilliant learning that challenges and transforms our existing definitions of inclusion, connection and support within the disability community.

We commit to honoring this vision for our business by prioritizing the following:

  • Providing training and consultation for providers which works to expand society’s understanding of supporting people with disabilities. 

  • Continuously reviewing and revising our content to ensure it is current, engaging and exciting. 

  • Staying open to constantly learning from people with disabilities. 

  • Respecting how people identify and listening to community voices with humility. 

  • Collaborating with individuals to create content that gives a voice to their lived experience.

Community Partnerships

We recognize that the important work we do at Alo Consultation cannot exist without an abundant and resourced community of practice. While we acknowledge where our experience and expertise lies, we mutually recognize the numerous skilled colleagues we have within this field and welcome the opportunity to collaborate and refer.

Culturally Affirming/Person-Centered Practices

We commit to viewing folks with disabilities as whole and complete people. We welcome all aspects of an individual’s life outside of and separate from the services and supports they receive. For us, this includes a humble recognition of complex relationships, dreams and aspirations we might not relate to and the true dignity that is afforded to one’s life when there is no gatekeeper to risk. We prioritize seeing and supporting people with disabilities within their chosen cultures and communities.

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