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California and beyond


HCBS: The Basics Training

Join us for the first installment of our HCBS Training Series. We'll provide an in-depth look at Federal Requirements 1-10 alongside practical applications in light of the approaching compliance deadline.


Program Design Support

We offer two different packages to support your Program Design needs with regards to HCBS compliance. In-person packages are also available with an adjusted travel rate.


Tailored Consultation

Collaborate with us on a training topic or consultation need of your choice. 

Our Approach

Whether you are a care provider, family member or someone who would like to expand their own abilities, Alo Consultation is here to offer you a supportive space to do so. We use person-centered and culturally affirming methods in developing tools to share with you.

About Us

We met as Quality Assurance Specialists at a Regional Center and with a combined nearly 30 years of working with People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, we decided to offer our services to this community we love so much. Together, we strive to be the most transparent, approachable and humanized voices in the field today. 

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