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About Us

Kaitlin Olson

My professional and educational background is rooted in Social Justice practices and I look forward to bringing my radical perspective to the work we do together. I got my introduction into the world of disabilities services in an Adult Residential Facility in the Bay Area in 2007. From there, I was hooked and worked in a variety of Direct Service contexts prior to earning my M.A.Ed. and working in Quality Assurance at a California Regional Center.


I am familiar and have work experience with low income and communities of color, first­ generation immigrants, English language learners, current and former foster youth, people with intellectual and physical disabilities, people experiencing mental illness, and the intersectionalities and overlap that exist amongst these groups. I look forward to collaborating with our client community to facilitate meaningful relationships and experiences. 

Outside of work, find me in the kitchen, over spicing food or out in nature with my partner and children.


Jacqueline Lawton

After working in the non-profit sector for 15 years, mostly with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, I’ve learned that working with this population is where my heart and mind feel most alive. Settings that I have directly worked in include: Day Programs, Latin American special education, US based special education supporting Autistic teenagers and most recently, the Regional Center system. While working at a Regional Center for nearly 5 years, I held the position of Quality Assurance Specialist and Community Engagement Specialist, focusing on all things Home and Community Based Services (HCBS).


Creating a better quality of life for people with disabilities requires going directly to the source: people with disabilities first and foremost, their care providers and their friends and family. At Alo Consultation, I aim to impart my HCBS knowledge into all of my work with my clients, ensuring that you are not only meeting all of your HCBS regulatory requirements, but that you feel inspired and supported.

When I am not serving the provider community, I am usually on the beach playing with my dog Quigley or reading a good book.

Alo Consultation grew out of a desire to provide robust resources to the disability community. To us, this means supportive learning for people with developmental disabilities and the people who care for them, whether this be a paid provider or a family member or friend. We are striving to be the most transparent, approachable, humanized education in the field today. We hope to expand society’s understanding of working with people with disabilities.


We truly look forward to being a part of your family and community. Thank you for your connection.

We have knowledge and experience in:

  • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)

  • Program Design Review

  • Person-Centeredness

  • Individualized Service Plans

  • Creating Personalized Resources for your home or program

  • Relationships

  • Supportive Communication

  • Assessment of Unmet Needs

  • Culturally Affirming Practices

  • Advocacy

  • Rights of People with Developmental Disabilities

  • Support in the Workplace

  • Title 17

  • Title 22

  • Documentation

  • House Agreements

  • Medication Administration

  • Protecting Personal Belongings

  • Special Incident Reporting

*At this time, we are not offering support in Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) or Person-Centered Planning (PCP), but are happy to connect you with skilled community partners who are. 

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