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HCBS and My Rights

for people receiving services

"I liked learning about my rights."

"I had a great time."

"This feels like home. I feel good here."

"Rights were presented in a clear understandable way. Presenters knew their audience. I especially liked how rights were presented in balance with consequences and obligations."

"I had fun in the training."

"I feel ready to advocate for myself."

"I learned a lot in the training."

"I loved the training."

This training...

"...makes good sense."

"...was easy to follow, with clear communication, great time allotted to each subject, and great visuals and sample stories."

I want...

"...more trainings and more advocating. I want to work with you guys!"




HCBS: The Basics

for service providers

"Content was meaningful and useful for implementation."

"I liked the specific examples for the federal requirements. It really clarified them."

"Excellent training for HCBS new rules and regulations. Emphasis on how important implementing person-centered principles are in the services we provide."

"Great examples! Real-life scenarios. Clear direction."

"I really enjoyed the scenarios provided to work through and discuss. They were each real situations I've navigated and gaining a new perspective was incredibly helpful."

"The federal requirements breakdown was very helpful, and the table group activities were very effective."

"When HCBS was first re-introduced it was daunting, but you all really simplified the explanations and defined what it means. While it means more paperwork at the start, I love this baseline to start with."

"I appreciate the presenters' knowledge of our services and the fact that they've been in both group homes + day programs."

"You guys were great and I'd love to continue participating in future trainings."

"It was super informative and the activities were great!"

"The info was presented with an easy flow. It wasn't overcomplicated with jargon."

"Very straightforward and engaging."

"Professional and really nice people. I really love this training."

"Every question was answered and explored as best as possible. The interaction was great. AMAZING JOB! Everything was great. Perfect, actually."

"The training was very informative and helped explain some regulations that were vague. I liked that they explained all the requirements clearly...I've learned a lot about HCBS."

"The trainers were very organized, and the training was very informative."

"The trainers were well educated, informed and personable."

"I have been to a few of these trainings and felt yours really set the groundwork. I also appreciated acknowledging how difficult this mandate has been to implement for others."

I most liked that the training...

"...bridged the gap between client rights and choice with the practice and documentation of services ensuring rights and choice."

"...had ample time discussing each HCBS Federal Requirement."


professionally applicable



HCBS in Practice: Supporting the Right to a Dignified Life

for service coordinators

"Although I've had this information already, processing it with you and the group has brought it to a different level. It's a process that will take time, and continuing to discuss it is key. Thank you! I appreciate your knowledge and at the same time your acceptance of others' ideas."

"The breakdown of the federal regulations was fluid and easy to understand. I always appreciate the background of why these regulations came to be. I enjoyed the sample individual program plans - I think service coordinators will be able to easily implement these strategies. I really enjoyed the conversations and honesty from the staff regarding the areas they themselves were still struggling with."

"The presenters were very informative, presenting a variety of engaging reading material and activities. The presenters were well organized, friendly, had a great sense of humor, and made the training go by without making me feel overburdened or overwhelmed."

"Very personalized. Real life scenarios."

"I thought the training was very well organized and presenters were engaging, clear and knowledgeable. Activities were great!"

"I love that we reviewed the tiers (i.e CMS Federal --> DDS --> Regional Center). Visually putting it that way and explaining each of the federal laws made it very clear about our client's rights. "

"Discussions and learning about real life examples of what our individuals go through helps with the application of these regulations."

"I found the presenters to be knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter."

What I most liked about the training was...

"...going over all rules, followed by real-life scenarios and examples of how to incorporate planning and decision-making in the IPP."

"...detailed explanation [and] examples of simple language."


professionally applicable



*in-person trainings

HCBS Remediation Clinic

for service providers

"Brilliant presentation. Amazing interaction and delivery of material. Highly effective speakers and dynamic interaction between the two. Greatly refreshing presentation on a very dynamic topic. Much needed, and well received. Greatly appreciated."

"Course content was great. Presentation was thorough and very engaging."


"Loved the enthusiasm, information, interactive dialogue, real life examples. Enjoyed the interactive exercises with the groups."


"Very informative, learned new tools to implement/communication documentation in home."

"Presenters were extremely knowledgeable and had great ideas. Got lots of new ideas." 

"I liked the amount of involvement with the group and the visual supports to enhance communications."

"Very interactive and focused!"

"Provides ideas and resources that we could use to improve the support we are providing to individuals we LOVE serving."

"Very engaging, to the point, meaningful."

"The presentation taught me so much and I feel more prepared to do documentation."

"I liked understanding HCBS much more. I also liked learning that it is a process."

"Very informative. Love the trainers, they explained

things really clearly."

"This training gives me new ways of thinking about how I can do my part to make someone else's life better."

"This training was fun and enjoyable and informative."

"I enjoyed the one on one time to review my policies in the home."

"All the instructors are very patient and they make sure we understand before moving on."

I most liked...

"...the discussion portion after the policy activity. It was great getting to talk through and witness everyone process and learn together."

"...the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and other service providers."

"...the feedback and guidance on writing HCBS-aligned policies and templates. Very interactive."

"...the acknowledgement that the expected changes to comply with HCBS are flexible and can be tailored."

"...breakout groups and interaction with other members."


professionally applicable



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